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Did you know that just engaging in 40 hours of chess over the course of a year helps kids in math? Want other easy ways to help your kid think critically? Here are a few games to try at home or on the go – no materials required!
At-home challenges

  • Animal game. To play, one person names an animal and the next person has to name an animal that begins with the last letter of the first animal’s name. For example, “tiger” could be followed by “rat” then “toad.” See how long you can continue the pattern. Warning – the letter “N” is a challenge!
  • Homonyms game. See how many words your children can think of that have more than one meaning, such as “too” and “two,” or “their,” “there” and “they’re.” Take turns coming up with pairs or triples of double-meaning words and see who can keep going the longest.
  • Riddles. From word play to whodunnits, we’ve entertained ourselves for longer than we care to admit figuring out some of these. Check out some riddles for kids.

IDEA Lab Kids challenges
IDEA Lab Kids isn’t just summer camps – we have ways to encourage kids to use their brains year-round.
Chess Leagues
Knights and castles aren’t just for fairy tales. We help kids challenge others – and themselves – by learning competitive chess. Students learn the basics, hone their skills in practice and compete with others. It’s fun – and a great way to learn to think strategically several moves ahead. (Bonus: Studies have shown chess even helps students perform better on reading tests.) Checkmate!
STEAM After-school Classes
Explore topics from cooking to video design to physical education in action-packed workshops. After a day of school, kids don’t want to sit anymore, so we have lots of interactive activities from robotics to 3D printing. The beauty of the program? Your children don’t have to choose just one interest. They can explore art, engineering, graphic design, coding and more all in one place.
Vex IQ 2
Robotics Leagues
Discover the building blocks of the future with robotics leagues. Kids learn how to design, program and troubleshoot robots, each more successful than the last. They also gain problem-solving, creativity and teamwork skills – and which robot can triumph in competitions.
School Day-off Workshops
Whether it’s Presidents’ Day, MLK Day or Memorial Day, we have one-day workshops to spark kids’ imaginations and give them a fun, engaging day off.
Learn more about leagues, workshops and after-school options at www.idealabkids.com.