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Why should kids learn to code?
Moving from completing puzzles to building code isn’t a huge leap for children, especially when they begin early. Plus, the advantages of coding skills continue to compound as children grow.
Six benefits of learning to code

  1. Grasping how to code is often compared to learning a new language. Kids can quickly absorb new knowledge and terms, and beginning early gives them a head start.
  2. STEM jobs are the future. Employment in STEM fields grew 24.4 percent in the last decade compared to 4 percent in non-STEM fields. 
  3. Coding is precise (one misplaced punctuation mark can create mayhem), so it teaches problem-solving skills and developing attention to detail.
  4. Coding enhances children’s logic skills. This helps them when they tackle other subjects, such as science and math.
  5. As more and more countries make computer science and coding mandatory for graduation, learning to code helps students stay competitive
  6. Plus, it’s fun. Coding allows children to have a finished product to show off. Building a code (or debugging one) is like solving an electronic puzzle. It gives them an avenue to create something from their imagination and explore endless possibilities.

How we teach coding
At IDEA Lab Kids, we help children explore, innovate and discover.
Kids can work together and independently to tackle a programming language and create something to inspire pride and confidence.
Start your child’s coding journey
We give options – learning coding in a summer camp or year-round STEAM workshops or school-year Coding Academy. Whichever you pick, you can be confident you are giving your child the best possible start in technology.