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About IDEA Lab Kids

What started with a rented space in the back of another business is now a worldwide franchise! IDEA Lab Kids is a true innovator in the STEAM educational space. IDEA Lab Kids offers camps, classes, workshops, and birthday experiences where children engage in coding, engineering, arts, science, 3D design, augmented reality, and other innovative subjects.

IDEA Lab Kids’ inquiry-based STEAM learning merges the principles of STEM learning with creativity to build critical-thinking skills through FUN, hands-on preschool enrichment, after-school classes, camps, birthday experiences, and workshops. STEAM learning is centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.


Innovation Lab

The Research and Development team works within our Innovation Lab to come up with all the cool and innovative hands-on learning programs.

Innovative Curriculum

Our tested and proven STEAM curriculum was designed by IDEA Lab for IDEA Lab. This ranges from 3D printing, augmented reality, coding, and science investigation, to visual arts and culinary arts.

Why Now

STEAM at IDEA Lab Kids

Science and math used to be for geeks. Not anymore! IDEA Lab Kids integrates the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and now Art, to offer some of the most interesting combinations of classes.
Each class, camp, and activity is carefully constructed to provide the ultimate design-based-learning environment while providing a FUN hands-on experience. From figuring out mechanics of spaceship engineering using recycled materials to creating scrumptious desserts in our Culinary Arts series, our IDEA Lab kids are provided the necessary tools to QUESTION, LEARN and INVENT out-of-the-box solutions through arts, sciences, technology, creativity and natural play!

Investing in STEM is Good Business

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, over the past 10 years, STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – jobs grew three times as fast as non-STEM jobs and STEM workers commanded higher wages, earning 26% more than their non-STEM counterparts.

By making STEM a focus, we are preparing a society that is more informed on complex issues. Even if the next generation chooses to not pursue these fields as a career, they will undoubtedly bring many of these skills to whatever they end up doing! According to the same U.S. Department of Commerce report, “STEM degree holders enjoy higher earnings, regardless of whether they work in STEM or non-STEM occupations.”

Meet Our Team

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How much Does it Cost?

Franchise Fees

$35,500  For one US/Canada Territories

$0 – $500,000+ for international territories 

Setting Up Learning Center

$150,000 to $365,000 Depending on location and rental agreement. (Include supplies for 4 months of operation)

Initial Working Capital

 $50,000 – $100,000 Depending on rent and revenue growth rate 


Franchise Interest

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Franchise Agreement Execution

Training & Support

Business Model


Relish the opportunity to own a fun and educational business where it’s possible to earn multiple
revenues through our mobile and campus based offerings.

Successful and proven business model

Multiple revenue streams

Cutting edge curriculum

Continuous training and support

The Numbers

The Numbers

IDEA Lab Kids franchising brings awareness of the importance of STEM education in the community through project-based learning. There will be 40 million kids between age 4-14 within the next five years. 
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Franchise Support

Franchise Support

We provide extensive support for our franchisees. From helping you develop your online presence to connecting you with other IDEA Lab Kids franchisees, we partner with you for success!
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See What We Offer

STEAM (STEM+Arts) learning that merges the principles of STEM learning with creativity to build critical-thinking skills through FUN, hands-on preschool enrichment, after-school classes, camps, birthday experiences, and workshops.
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Parent Testimonials

Our kids loved Idea Labs from their first day camp experience, but the way they stepped up during Covid has been life changing. They took a time that could very depressing for kids, and gave them exciting activities engaging them in STEM learning while taking extra steps to keep them safe. Not only are the counselors and teachers great, the administration at the Burnet location (Adam) has been very flexible and reliable. Their process for temp checks, masks and cleanliness has been flawless since day 1. And the real proof is when I pick my kids up. If I come too early they complain about missing something fun, and they can’t stopped talking about their projects bringing home examples daily. A truly a first class and lifesaving team. Thank you!!
Stephanie J. Baker
Stephanie J. Baker
17:34 16 Oct 20
This place is a lifesaver for working parents! We were nervous about enrolling our boys in the midst of a pandemic, but I'm so glad we did. The rigid safety measures they put in place, the awesome activities, and the caring and knowledgeable staff made for a summer our boys won't soon forget. They've asked repeatedly if they can forgo virtual school and stay at Idea Lab the rest of the year. Thanks again for your flexibility and for keeping them engaged and safe!
Alejandra Ríos Adán
Alejandra Ríos Adán
16:45 14 Aug 20
My kids love Idea Lab! They have been doing some of the virtual after school classes and look forward to them every day!
Misha Rangel
Misha Rangel
21:41 20 Apr 20
My child is grounded for bad behavior when I pick her up from after school care at Idea Lab.
It is every after school care required parent’s dream for their child to be in a safe environment with homework support after school. Extra support for topics like science, technology, whatever e stands for, arts and math is a great investment in a child. It’s also a privilege to have it available and to be able to provide the opportunity. #steamparentwannabe
If you were ever to ask me if LEAVING these kinds of activities would be an issue for a child of mine, I would not even be able to imagine what you were talking about. Prolly because I’d be distracted by that pretty butterfly with no conscious awareness of evolution, physics, art, or that e thing that all are a part of what that pretty butterfly is and does..
Karah has enjoyed all of her extra activities over the years, but she has never felt so passionately about them that they were a currency.
I took away Idea Lab last night for her behavior choices when I pick her up and she worked so hard when we got home to earn IDEA Lab back I am letting them have her today.
Thanks to Idea Lab, the dog poop may be picked up and the empty juice boxes may actually make it to the trash can.
This STEAM thing might actually be working for me!
Holly Rutledge
Holly Rutledge
19:22 30 Aug 19
We had a mobile Minecraft Birthday Party at our house for our 7 year old and it was so awesome! The kids were engaged the entire time- with the staff having great management skills while conducting unique, fun activities. All the kids loved it and the parents were impressed too. But the happiest of all (besides my son who was thrilled to get a bit of laptop time with his friends 😄) was me- because the party planning was a breeze and a success. Thank you!
Kristen English-Bundy
Kristen English-Bundy
18:55 01 Apr 19
Both of my daughters go to Idea Lab Kids for the culinary arts class and they absolutely love it! They love their teachers and the center in general. They offer a lot of options for after school care and I’m definitely going to be enrolling my girls for more classes here. We’re thinking about summer camps already! Only con is can be a bit loud in the center but what can you expect with a place full of kids. Overall we love idea lab.
Vernique Hines
Vernique Hines
21:01 06 Sep 18
i have a son that is currently enrolled in their drone lab that happens every tuesday and he is always excited to go. We were with another idea lab but decided to give a new location a try. idea lab is a great place and my son loves it.
Edward Williams
Edward Williams
20:48 06 Sep 18
My children always love coming to camp. I am impressed by the tough concepts that they explore which always leads to fun conversations on the way home and further experimentation over the weekend. They seem to have knowledgeable and friendly staff and the sticking point for me is that the kids come home having actually learned something!
Kwitzats .
Kwitzats .
20:19 06 Sep 18
Idea Labs is a great place for after school program, summer camps and also for birthday parties. Curriculum and the staff are wonderful. Will recommend it to family and friends.
Sandra Gambhir
Sandra Gambhir
04:12 05 Sep 18
My two boys loved the Summer Camp at Idea Lab Kids. The staff is very friendly and do fun projects with kids. One of my sons had some complaints the first day, but the camp leads (both of them) were on it and made sure by the second day he had a fantastic experience. Now he doesn't want to leave at pickup time. The staff is very responsive to the kids and parents feedback. Also, they work hard to make the camp a fun experience. Thank you, Idea Lab Kids.
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson
14:32 07 Nov 17
Great camp!! Kids are hands-on all projects! My 7 yr old loves it!
Whitney Eledge Withers
Whitney Eledge Withers
01:59 02 Aug 17
Being from Houston, we have gotten to know Idea Lab very well! Awesome service. Highly suggest the birthday parties and summer camps!
Emma Jones
Emma Jones
23:15 04 Nov 16

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for an IDEA Lab Kids campus?

You must have a passion for STEM and kids’ education, as well as a personality that is enthusiastic about engaging the parents! In addition, individuals must show at least $100,000 in non-borrowed personal resources – liquid assets like cash, marketable securities, stocks, etc. – along with an overall net worth – total assets minus total liabilities – of at least $300,000.

What is the estimated cost of opening an IDEA Lab Kids campus?

The total cost of each campus varies depending on its size and location, but a typical campus will cost between $175,500 USD and $400,000 USD, including the franchise fee.

Does IDEA Lab Kids provide financing?

No, we do not provide financing. Financing must be secured through third-party lending sources.

Who picks out my campus site?

You are responsible for choosing your campus site, but we will assist you in the process and we do have the right to make final approval. We currently use a site evaluation software to evaluate proposed sites to see how they match up to our core customers. We will use the software to evaluate the first site you propose for free, but we may charge a fee for additional evaluations.

More about IDEA Lab Kids franchises

IDEA Lab Kids is about STEAM-based after-school learning that focuses on different principles and theories of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for kids ages 4-14. It also offers hands-on novel tutoring methods for enabling optimized education. Kids learn in interactive classrooms at our franchise campus site along with online videos for enhanced education and learning. The objective of IDEA Lab Kids is to provide education that is content-driven yet fun for the little ones.

Our performance-driven education franchises are now present in a total of 8 countries world-wide and in about 106 territories. We have a clear-cut franchise business model that helps our tutoring franchise thoroughly understand the model before starting work formally. Through our meticulous professional training assistance, our franchisees gain in the following ways:

  • Kids’ education franchise model that is time-tested and performance oriented.
  • Curriculum that is modern and makes use of pioneering technologies.
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive support for our kids’ education franchises.
  • Education support, training, and tutoring services are provided to our franchisees on a continuous basis.
  • IDEA Lab Kids offer franchises different earning models.
  • Hands-on training on the campus of the franchise.
  • Exclusive opportunity to participate in our franchise webinars and seminars.
  • Exclusive opportunity for our franchisees to access online tutoring videos and tutoring resources to facilitate our franchises in keeping abreast and updated with the latest techniques.

We welcome any education investor to be our franchise partner who:

  • is keen and excited about contributing to preschool education.
  • has the right kind of campus site for tutoring that matches well with our requirements.
  • has viable financial support and means to contribute towards kids’ education system.

Contribute to STEAM learning by becoming a franchisee today!

How much can I make with IDEA Lab Kids ?

Due to Federal Trade Commission restrictions and various state franchise sales regulations, we are unable to provide you with specific sales or profit projections. To learn more about actual experiences, we encourage you to speak with existing franchisees during our qualification process.

What type of business and operation training do you provide?

The Operations portion of our initial training program includes hands-on campus operations training and is held over a five-to-six-day period. In addition, we are developing online videos for designated managers to supplement our interactive classroom training. Our goal during this training program is to provide our franchisees with the ability to deliver a consistent education to kids while maintaining our fun, edgy, and addictive atmosphere. We also provide ongoing training including operations and STEM webinars, conferences, and online resources.

Do I need to be an educator to lead students at IDEA Lab Kids?

No, you do not have to be a STEM or Robotics educator to lead students at Idea Lab. Our STEM training program gives you the tools you need to be an effective leader, no matter what your background. 

How do I know if an IDEA Lab franchise is right for my community?

We consider several factors in determining the location of IDEA Lab centers, including the concentration of families with children, proximity to schools, and household income. We work with you to analyze your preferred market and provide site selection recommendations.

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